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Submission to Shacknews Jam 2019
Theme: "Be Relatively Evil"

Shade is a 2D metroidvania/platformer inspired by Castlevania and Dark Souls. Prototype includes a short level with 6 rooms and a mini-boss (sends you back to the title screen when beat, no time for a cutscene unfortunately). Originally planned to be longer, but shortened to fit the time constraints of the game jam - would love to continue expanding and improving the game following the conclusion of the game jam.

How To Play:
Reach the last room of the castle and defeat the Hellbeast to win.

  • Reflect projectiles by attacking when the projectile is directly ahead of you.
  • Meat can be obtained and consumed to restore health by pausing and viewing your inventory and selecting "Use."
  • Dash to dodge attacks, close distances and traverse long gaps.
  • Gain XP by defeating enemies. Your stats increase with every level up.
  • Read more about Monsters and how many you've defeated in the Bestiary in the pause menu.


  • [WASD] or [Arrow Keys] - Move
  • [SPACE] - Jump
  • [Hold SPACE] - Jump Higher
  • [Q] - Dash
  • [F] - Attack
  • (Menus) [ESC] - Pause
  • (Menus) [SPACE] or [E] or [ENTER] - Select
  • (Menus) [B] - Back


  • Left Joystick - Move
  • [A] - Jump
  • [Hold A] - Jump Higher
  • [LB] or [RB] - Dash
  • [X] - Attack
  • (Menus) [ESC] - Pause (Keyboard Needed)
  • (Menus) [SPACE] or [E] or [ENTER] - Select (Keyboard Needed)
  • (Menus) [B] - Back (Keyboard Needed)


  • Programming - StealthNinja
  • All credits for art and audio assets are included in the text file "credits.txt"


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